Abacus by Christopher Boots


The Abacus is a sophisticated tool dating back to 300 BC. Sliding stones along a rod, ancient statesmen, merchants and mathematicians performed mathematical balancing acts using this simple yet powerful tool.

Abacus enacts this ancient, loaded gesture, allowing faceted brass clasped quartz crystals to be balanced at any point along a horizontal brass beam. Diffused LED light both highlights the jewel clasp and emanates downwards to wash surfaces in warm, dimmable light. Jewel drop and beam additions allow the expression of either minimal or elaborate balancing acts.

Dimensions: 35.4″ W x 2.6″ D
Item Number: LC-CBOOTS-ABA.900

Dimensions: 47.2″ W x 2.6″ D
Item Number: LC-CBOOTS-ABA.1200

Dimensions: 59″ W x 2.6″ D
Item Number: LC-CBOOTS-ABA.1500

Dimensions: 70.9″ W x 2.6″ D
Item Number: LC-CBOOTS-ABA.1800

Dimensions: 82.7″ W x 2.6″ D
Item Number: LC-CBOOTS-ABA.2100

Dimensions: 94.5″ W x 2.6″ D
Item Number: LC-CBOOTS-ABA.2400

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