Flat Weave Rug in Natural Dégradé by Madda Studio

Flat Weave Rug in Natural Dégradé by Madda Studio


We have developed our Flat Weave rugs to create a rich texture. The irregularity of the handspun yarn and the exposed cotton warp add depth and texture to the surface of the rug.

Naural Dégradé, blends different tones of natural wool to create an ombre effect. This design lends itself well to multi-panel rugs due to the different compositions that emerge.

Size: Made to Order.
Larger than 6ft wide will be joined together in panels.
Length is unlimited. Handwoven in Mexico on a pedal loom.

Material: 100% Undyed Handspun Wool, 100% Undyed Cotton

Maintenance: Professional rug cleaning recommended. Spot clean with warm water and pH neutral soap.

Color:  Madda Studio works with four tonal categories: white, light-grey, medium-grey, and dark-grey. These different hues create their various designs, and can have a lighter or darker feel depending on how the tones of wool are used and combined.

*Madda Studio products are handmade and variations in color, size, and design may occur.

Item Number: MS-RUG-F-ND

MADE TO ORDER This item is made to order.
Please contact our sales team for more information.

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