Nest Sofa by Natasha Baradaran

United States

Fully upholstered sofa with stained wood base. Optional embroidered arms and constrasting fabric.

COM: 21 YDS | COL: 378 SQFT

Contrasting Fabric
COM: (Body) 16 YDS | (Arms) 2 YDS
COL: 36 SQFT (Arms)

Stained Base & Stained Inserts at Arms

Matte Stain Finish Options (Base): Bleached Ash, Bleached Walnut,Matte Sawn Walnut, Matte Natural Walnut, Matte Ebonized Walnut, Mink

High Gloss Stain Finsh Options (Base) (Upcharge 10%): High Gloss Ebonized Walnut, High Gloss Sawn Walnut

Dimensions: 88″ W x 37″ D x 34″ H
Seat Height: 18″ Arm Height: 27″
Item Numbers:
(Fully Upholstered) UP-NB-NEST-SOFA-U
(Stained Base) UP-NB-NEST-SOFA-SB

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Product Description

Lead time 12-14 weeks
Custom capabilities. Also available as a lounge chair. Available with upholstered base.
Please contact a COUP D’ETAT team member for help with custom quotes