Oracle Triplet Pendant by Christopher Boots


In classical antiquity, an oracle was a person or agency considered to interface wise counsel or prophetic prediction of the future. As such it was a form of divination. Oracles were thought to be the medium through which the gods spoke directly to people.

Sculptural in presence & resonating with symbolism, ORACLE brings a touch of the Bronze Age crossed with the 21st century. Interlocking rings inlaid with LED create optical effects of dancing mid-air in a weave of the simple and highly complex.

Dimensions: 55.1″ W x 23.6″ H
Item Number: LC-CBOOTS-OR.3.600

Dimensions: 70.9″ W x 35.4″ H
Item Number: LC-CBOOTS-OR.3.696

Dimensions: 82.7″ W x 35.4″ H
Item Number: LC-CBOOTS-OR.3.900

Dimensions: 110.2″ W x 47.2″ H
Item Number: LC-CBOOTS-OR.3.1200

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