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Plank Occasional Tables by BassamFellows

United States

BassamFellows introduced the Plank Table Collection as a response to a design challenge: how to make an incredibly lightweight table that would appear to almost defy gravity? The table’s innovative design formula uses a triangular structure that is independent of the rectangular geometry of the top, the Plank Table’s legs are thus minimized and the structural span is maximized. The result is a three-legged table with triangular cantilevers at each end, creating the illusion of a floating surface. Larger tables link two triangular structures back-to-back to form a zigzag pattern with four legs, achieving spans of up to 9 feet – the lightest possible visual to contrast the mass of the beautifully crafted solid wood plank top (some tables available with glass tops).

Plank Side Table Dimensions: 23 5/8″ W x 17 3/4″ D x 13 3/4″ H | TH: 3/4″
Item Number: CB-333

Plank Coffee Table Short Dimensions: 55 1/8″ W x 17 3/4″ D x 13 3/4″ H | TH: 3/4″
Item Number: CB-332-140

Plank Coffee Table Dimensions: 70 7/8″ W x 17 3/4″ D x 13 3/4″ H | TH: 3/4″
Item Number: CB-332-180

Wood: Solid Ash, Solid Oak, Solid Walnut
Finish: Ebonized Black Lacquer on Ash or Bleached, White Pigment, Matte Acrylic on Ash. Raw Effect Lacquer on Oak, Hand Rubbed Natural Oil on Oak or Walnut, or Hand Rubbed Black Oil on Walnut.

Top: Solid Wood
Base: Oxidized Brass or Stainless Steel cold rolled true bar three-leg triangular frame

MADE TO ORDER This item is made to order.
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BassamFellows Plank Coffee Table Square