The COUP STUDIO collection seeks timelessness, while remaining fresh and engaging. Designed and crafted by the hands of local artisans in San Francisco, the COUP STUDIO collection is bench-made and can be fully customized for a personal piece that compliments your project or space.



Agrippa is a young, dynamic company born in Valencia and founded by four partners: Ismael Gimeno, Javier Pastor, Ismael Pastor and Paco Camus. Our handmade designs are halfway between sculpture and furniture. We choose quality materials that ennoble over time. Solid American Walnut and Alabaster are our hallmark. Their appearance is rich and varied making each piece unique.

Atelier d’Amis

Atelier D'Amis

Rooted in the Spirit of Collaboration, Atelier d’Amis strives to create pieces that go beyond luxury furniture to become pieces of conversation for the home. While we are based in New York and Los Angeles, the fabrication of our collections takes place in the hands of expert craftsmen in Italy.


A little over ten years ago architect Craig Bassam and creative director Scott Fellows began drafting their vision for a new kind of American luxury company. A genuine, fully integrated lifestyle brand stemming from their shared aesthetic sensibilities, it would encompass architectural projects and interiors as well as impeccably crafted furniture, lifestyle objects and personal accessories.

Casey McCafferty

Casey McCafferty exercises a respect for material and traditional technique in each piece he creates. Applying both Old World craft and unorthodox experimentation, he seeks the intersections where tactility, substance, and heft meet concept and metaphor. Casey creates work that reflects his natural surroundings while exploring the boundaries between craftsmanship, art, and technique. 

Christopher Boots

Christopher Boots is a Melbourne-based Industrial Designer driven by a love of nature and light. Christopher’s handmade work includes lighting, furniture and objects. He explores the architecture of geometry of organic shapes, and is often inspired by forms found in plants, animals and minerals.

Chuck Moffit

Chuck Moffit tears down masculine forms and rebuilds them. He works in a light-filled Modernist studio hidden behind a boulder in the woods of Mount Baldy, California. Moffit’s practice keenly rides the contemporary design and sculpture divide.

Damian Jones

Damian Jones Collection

Damian Jones is a Welsh furniture designer based in L.A. who creates commanding and multi dimensional pieces that are uniquely his own style.

Dana Harel

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 1.00.26 PM

Dana Harel was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel and currently works in San Francisco. Harel’s drawings explore the mystery of the human psyche and the drama of physical and emotional struggles. Her drawings are a result of combining sculpture, photography, and print making techniques. She’s interested in the moments where brutality meets fragility, and aggression meets tenderness. Focusing on the nonverbal, unprocessed, wild and instinctive elements.


Mark de la Vega is the founder and principal designer of DE LA VEGA based in Red Hook Brooklyn. Mark offers rugged designs that are expertly refined with a contemporary approach to century old techniques. He utilizes high quality materials, premium finishes and distinct style of art deco and 1950’s aesthetics.

Douglas Fanning

Douglas Fanning’s work examines the space between two points—from history learned and future imagined. Drawing from art, design, and architectural avenues, Fanning continually pushes the boundaries between form and physics to create clean, fluid, yet uncompromisingly daring pieces.

Elan Atelier

Elan Atelier creates distinctive collections for residential, hospitality and retail properties around the world. Their goal is to produce unique, inspiring and timeless collections of art for our clients.



A rare combination of aesthetic dexterity and mastery of craft resulting in furniture and objects that are expressive, formal, and transcend materiality. The collection is based in metal and incorporates only natural materials such as leather, wood, and glass in unique ways, challenging our assumptions.


Harry Siter

Harry Siter creates furniture and figures that are both playful and powerful. He honed his talent working in ceramics, glass and fashion at the California College of Arts and Crafts. Highly skilled in many mediums he excels at manipulating wood and metal.


Jake Phipps

Urchin Bar

British designer Jake Phipps’ award-winning work is characterized by energetic and elegant metallic forms that are not only purposeful but exude a luxurious and precious quality. His pieces are made to order in his London Studio.

Jocelyn Marsh

Jocelyn Marsh

Jocelyn Marsh is a Los Angeles based artist whose primary mediums include installation, sculpture and lighting design. Central to her work is the theme that existence springs from the unknown space between death and life, the void that causes mixed emotions throughout the world. Focusing on the thrilling fact that from nothing comes everything, Marsh celebrates this unknown space imparting upon her work a sense of reverence, wonder, and refinement.

John Liston

With a degree in metalwork and jewelry design from the Rochester Institute of Technology, he has developed a unique aesthetic and approach to furniture design utilizing materials like metals, cast glass, and charred wood.

Kelly Farley

Kelly Farley

Ceramicist Kelly Farley’s large-scale suspended pieces are each one of a kind and are entirely hand done in his Pope Valley, Napa studio. Through his work, Farley conveys the beauty of the individual, while simultaneously portraying the collective consciousness that links us together. His process to create each piece is intensive, ritualistic, and only done two to three times a year.


A furniture and lighting design studio intent on creating tactile pieces that engage the senses. The collection embraces the juxtaposition of contrasting textures, markings and finishes. Each piece is made to order in New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut by highly skilled craftsmen and accomplished artisans. Mother and daughter design team Helena and Natasha Sultan work together organically towards a common vision for refinement, simplicity and well-being.

Linda Fahey


Beyond being the chief curator and proprietor of YONDER, artist Linda Fahey spends much of her time in the shop’s San Francisco studio, making her own line of ceramics, all inspired by a life lived by the coast.

Magni Collection


The iconic collection is exquisitely crafted using the world’s most luxurious materials including cast bronze, hand-polished stainless steel, cast and blown glass, exotic woods, parchment, and leather, to create the ultimate expression of modern elegance.

Michal David Green

Chryselephantine driftwood / I honor this new life, this strange new beauty with gold, silver, copper and with these enhancements I hope to illuminate nature’s path. These are my votives, my talismans and totems, holy remnants reminding us of a past life where they once were giants.


OCHRE’s design philosophy always emphasizes the use of high quality materials and flawless craftsmanship to create objects which are both timeless and contemporary. The simplicity and honesty of form matched with luxurious materials results in an understated elegance, which has become their signature aesthetic.

 Patrick Weder

Born in Switzerland and having spent more than two decades in New York City, Patrick Weder’s work has many influences; the austere precision of the Swiss, his adoration of nature, and our relationship with urban infrastructure. With his great passion for nature and the environment, Weder maintains focus on sustainability and selective designs built to endure through the ages.

Peter Boiger

German-born Peter Boiger has been a sculptor for over 50 years. He began working with wood at his grandfather’s carpentry shop followed by apprenticeships in Burghausen and Munich. After studies in Berkley his figurative and abstract work expanded from wood to bronze and stone. Boiger taught sculpture at the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem and participated in creating Valley of the Destroyed Communities, a Holocaust monument at Yad Vashem. His public art sculptures can be seen in Santa Rosa and the city of Napa.

Peter Opheim

Peter Opheim

Peter Opheim’s oil paintings are windows into a world unlike any other, one populated by the unconventional and provocative juxtaposition of a childlike imagination with adult thoughts and emotions.

Scala Luxury

Refined and luxurious, Scala Luxury is best known for their exotic materials such as shagreen, goatskin parchment, precious metals, and polished horn.

Sharon Beals

Spotted Nightingale Thrush Nest

San Francisco-based photographer Sharon Beals has photographed nineteenth and twentieth century bird nests preserved in museum and science collections since 2007. She uses her images to create awareness of native habitats, as well as, river and ocean conservation.


WHITE DIRT produces limited-edition functional objects derived from unique sculptural forms by San Francisco-based founding artist Dana Harel. Consistent throughout each WHITE DIRT collection is the artist’s embrace of the inherent quality of materials and the techniques she employs for their transformation.